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9 critères pour choisir un système de CAO 3D

In the discrete manufacturing industries, between one-third and one-half of the CAD systems in use today are 3D. The rest are used for 2D computer-aided drafting.1 Although some tasks will always be done more efficiently with 2D CAD, these figures suggest many organizations have yet to employ 3D methods.



Conception sans risque pour la fabrication

Product design does not occur in a vacuum and has a significant impact on manufacturing. In fact, 3D design carries even greater potential for streamlining production processes, especially when you take advantage of Design for Manufacturability tools and applications.

CAO 26.03.2015

Concevoir de meilleurs produits avec SolidWorks Premium

SolidWorks® Premium CAD software provides the advanced capabilities you need to design better products—from design, automation, and simulation to validation, collaboration, and data management—all in one comprehensive package.

CAO 26.03.2015 

Guide de passage à la 3D

This 3D guide is designed for people who need to implement 3D CAD throughout their company. You may be a CAD manager, a designer, or an engineer who believes that your company can benefit from 3D—or you may be an IT person who has just received a mandate to evaluate 3D software. Whatever your title may be, part of your job is to get your company up and running on 3D CAD software.

CAO 26.03.2015

Transition de la CAO 2D vers la CAO 3D

As manufacturers rapidly transition from 2D to 3D CAD in today’s digital world, designers are demanding 3D to enhance their designs and improve communication. From websites to rapid prototyping, customers, designers, and engineers now depend on the latest 3D modeling tools.

CAO 26.03.2015

Utiliser l’automatisation de la conception pour réduire les coûts

By implementing design automation, engineer-to-order manufacturers can complete days of custom engineering in just minutes. Design automation also expedites and simplifies the creation of SolidWorks® software models, drawings, quote documents, manufacturing data—virtually any requirement of the custom sales process.

CAO 26.03.2015

Moderniser la communication technique

Nowadays, product companies have automated their design engineering processes to get products to market faster and more efficiently. But in many companies, technical communication—the creation of technical data to support the product—remains woefully under-automated and out of synch with the design process.

3DVIA COMPOSER 26.03.2015

La gestion du cycle de vie des produits simplifiée

Businesses want to automate the connection between Product Design and Operations to be more efficient and innovative throughout the product lifecycle. But traditional, top-down approaches to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) are often too complex, time-consuming, and costly— making PLM impractical for many businesses.

SOLIDWORKS Entreprise PDM 26.03.2015

PDM accessible pour votre entreprise

SolidWorks® Enterprise PDM software helps today’s information-rich, 3D product development organizations control, manage, and share the growing volume of diverse product design data they generate through the use of better, more automated CAD tools. 

SOLIDWORKS Entreprise PDM 26.03.2015

PDM vs. PLM : Tout commence avec PDM

Product data management (PDM) or product lifecycle management (PLM)—which system best fits the needs of your manufacturing organization? Although both solutions rely on a solid PDM foundation, selecting the right one from the many PDM and PLM systems available today can be challenging. While examining the differences between PDM and PLM, consider how each approach can benefit your company.

SOLIDWORKS Entreprise PDM 26.03.2015
La solution PDM Vault intelligente de SolidWorks Product data management (PDM) systems perform a variety of tasks to help collaborate, control, connect, and communicate information throughout an engineering organization. Getting the most out of your PDM efforts starts with the intelligent PDM Vault from Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. SOLIDWORKS Entreprise PDM 26.03.2015
Le rôle de la dynamique des fluides (CFD) dans les conceptions réelles

This paper relates two heat sinks, a medical suction device, a household oven, and an industrial control valve as examples that illustrate how SolidWorks® Flow Simulation can help design engineers create the best possible product designs when dealing with heat transfer and fluid flow problems.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 26.03.2015
Une bonne conception pour éviter la fatigue des matériaux

Fatigue has been found at the root of failure of many mechanical components such as turbines and other rotating equipment operating under intense, repeated cyclical loads. The primary tool for both understanding and being able to predict and avoid fatigue has proven to be finite element analysis (FEA).

SOLIDWORKS Simulation  26.03.2015

Simplification de la conception avec une analyse des vibrations en conditions réelles

Mechanical designers often use vibration simulation as a timesaving and cost-efficient alternative to the traditional approach of building, testing, modifying, and retesting their designs. By identifying the factors that influence the response to a dynamic load in a computer model, designers have the data needed to make the right improvements before they even cut a single piece of metal. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 26.03.2015
Procéder à des simulations complexes pour améliorer les performances des produits Engineering successful, innovative products in today’s competitive environment requires simulation power. The ability to analyze the multifaceted physical performance characteristics of a design before making a prototype can substantially increase productivity. Companies need robust simulation tools to efficiently overcome time, budget, and quality demands. SOLIDWORKS Simulation 26.03.2015
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